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no fun with server

At work we've ordered a new server and I've installed and configured apache, mysql, php5 and lighty + some tools, when spontaneously 'less' died and also 'vim' broke. Then mysql didn't start, because 'There's not enough space in /var/lib/mysql/' and the eth0 changes I made broke aswell. reinstalling mysql didn't solve it - actually the installation broke. Dependencies errors and the same ol 'not enough space' stuff. 'Dmesg' is reporting 'Invalid field in CDB' a few times and that eth0: link is not ready...

This is a fresh server with 500gig and only 1% is in use - so there is space and I guess there is something else wrong. fsck 'mention' that the superblock is corrupted. Well ok - I know it is not so wise to run fsck on a running mashine - it would be more wise from lilo or a live cd - but it is a 'managed OS' so the hoster do not provide such thing. If the worse get worse, I can call them and let em reinstall everything but all my configurations would be lost - or at least I had to copy my configs to the new one.

Right now I am in fsck's interactive mode and pushing the confirm button repeatedly and /lost+found is getting affiled.

And then some message:
/dev/sda1: 37458/30277632 Dateien (1.3% nicht zusammenhängend), 2216874/121093945 Blöcke
and the console stands still. no Ctrl+C, no 'enter', no nothing works...


and then

[LOCAL] : SSH2Core version
[LOCAL] : Connecting to netfreaks.de:22 ...
[LOCAL] : RECV: TCP/IP close
[LOCAL] : Connected for 0 seconds, 47 bytes sent, 0 bytes received

it wasn't me!

no fun with server
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