We woke up at 7am and I was tiered as fuck, because it was after 1am
when we finaly went to bed. I kinda hate it when I go on a trip - the
preperation sucks but luckily we've managed everything in time, at
least we didn't miss the train. What can I say - the weather is and
was fine - the sun is shining and I try to be relaxed.

Of course we went to the 'Semper opera', the 'Zwinger', the
'Frauenkirche', took some tourist-like photos and spent the evening at

Right now we wait for the ship to 'Rathen' to see the 'Elb-Sandstein
Mountains' and I am starving and hope there something to eat on board.
A sausage with mustard + a bun would be great!


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