Since a few months I had the very strange issue that the default samplerate is 48KHz which caused me to set it manualy each time I wanted to play "normal" encoded audio. When I upgraded to windows 7 the control panel stopped displaying. It launches correctly when windows starts but it won't open the control panel when i click it - and it's strangely enough to mention that the pane preview works fine. Since I am listnen to music primary via winamp, I could work around the samplerate issue via the out_aiso plugin, so that I can listnen to music again.

However, the disappearing of the control panel "on screen" can be eventually solved if you do the following very few steps:

  • close the control panel
  • open up rededit
  • navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Creative Professional\E-MU USB Audio Control Panel
  • delete the following entries: "WindowX", "WindowY"
  • launch the CP again and you will see it again ;)