I needed a very simple plugin to add some keywords and so I wrote it.

The name is "metakeywords", because that's it, what it does: adding the meta tag "keywords" to your post/page/home. You can define some general default values within the plugin and for each individual post you can add some extra keywords. It works very well with WP 2.0 and it simply consists of just a very few lines of code.


WP has changed a little bit, so the plugin needed some update. The problem was that something has changed with the $post_meta_cache array but I couldn't find any explanation »why«. However, I've updated also the »step by step« description, because some people still had some problems (I hope this one is better).


  1. Download the Plugin right here
  2. Extract the metakeywords.php somewhere
  3. Edit $default_keywords and $extra_home_keywords with a progam like ie: Notepad, Komodo, Maguma, proton, etc...
  4. Upload it to your WP plugin dir.
  5. First time users only: Login into your Blog, then go to »Plugins« and activate it.
  6. Go to your post, where you would like to add some keywords and scroll down to the »Custom Fields«. Add a new »Key« named »metakeywords« and write into the »Value« Textfield your Keywords (seperated by commas)
  7. Click on »Add Custom Field« and that's it.

Ay and before I forget it:
$default_keywords are the key keywords which will always be present and all pages
$extra_home_keywords appear only on the main page, where the newest posts are listed

If you still have problems, please post em.
Thank you;)