... writing bad and unforgivable code.

There are lot of good looking sites out there and a lot of good looking (w)CMS front and backends but most of the so called cool CMS sucks. WP ist cool - I like it - it's a good piece of code but I think the templating is kinda hard on the nerves sometimes. Well that's ok, because you can do quite a lot with it - but take Joomla and or OSC for instance and be prepared for a damn rampage.

I don't know ... maybe I should grow botanic things and stop coding instead of them. Why do people code nowadays procedural, when it's clear they have to recode (or copy and paste) it more than two times. OOP rules - at least most of the time. Sometimes I stumble upon classes which contains 80% echo/print commands. Why not using a good templating system like Flexy or maybe Smarty if necessary?

Why is it so hard to use a validator or RTFM?

Do not misunderstand me - I am not a coding guru - I am just a person who likes good and usable things but the sad thing is - most of the things I am discover are bull****.

Why does so many things sucks anyway?
Like the IE, the media, the fast food throwaway society, the bad smelling people in the streets, Hollywood movies, Sternburger-Beer, ban of smoking in bars, criminalization of graffiti artists, criminalization of soft drugs, less than 25 days of holiday per year, global warming and so on and so forth and etc and pp and yes - you know what I am saying - don't you?

It's Sunday.
It is just a livelong dream.
I am sleeping right now and when I wake up - I'll be surprised how wonderful you all are and everything is :D