I've installed today a new svn, trac and a websvn at work on a ubuntu machine with plesk on it. Actually it's really easy but there seems to be no instant-setup guide, so I had to google quite extensive. Well I haven't configuered it fully yet, but the svn seems to work fine, even though I'd like to make use of the pre-commit-hook (having the users commenting the commits, with at least 3 words); but that's something I'll change later. Currently we use mantis as bugtracker but I see some requirements for more. Trac seems to be a good alternative. Personally I'd like to use JIRA and Confluence - but I am to lazy to convince my boss to buy it and of course - 2400 Bucks is < insert the f-word here > money.

However - my work-life balance seems to be unbalanced and the affected personal relationships seems to truely suck atm; But therefor my boss said he's satisfied with my work - and I have only 7 days left until the employment probation period is over and I am fully employed. - I guess that would be a classic scenario of a double-edged sword.

< insert your favourite f-word right here >