Yesterday I've downloaded and tried to install DSL (Damn Small Linux) as X as well running it as Live-CD. The latest release from DSL uses for somehow an old Qemu release and I couldn't start the graphical interface. After downloading the latest Qemu release for Windows and replacing some files witting the embedded version I was able to start it. Actually I liked it. It's a handy dist for USB-like-devices. I wish my OpenWRT would run in graphic mode and the router were easier to extend with an USB-HD. That would be really nice - something like DSL on my Linksys with an additional 1GB USB Stick. Well, there is a web server on OpenWRT but I configure everything via ssh. However when I checked out Dillo, I figured out there's no CSS support and no java script. It gave me a good insight into how sites can look like. When I develop sites, I use to check them with JS, CSS and images disabled - but I never thought that there are still some browsers besides lynx, who run with minimal features like Dillo. A lil bit annoying was the non ability to access my dvd from witting DSL. I recon it's because of the emu but I am not pretty sure ;)

Today I'll try to unlock my PDA (MDA Pro/HTC Universal). I've still found a patch some days ago to do it - but I guess it can be tricky. And no - I will not try to install some linux dist on it :) I'll be in London over New Year and got a second SIM card but atm my MDA doesn't like non t-mobile cards. I really hate manufactures/retailers for »locking« things.

Another funny thing will be, to write a redirect for a WP Site. Of course it's pretty easy to simply redirect but I want 301 Redirects for every article. I guess it will take an hour including moving WP to another domain. I have something on my mind but I guess I have to check out the mod rewrite cheat sheet again. Capturing simple Get Requests is easy, but Permalinks,... I never tried to capture it.

Capture > Captcha! Today I'll write a little captcha class for my work - because we still need such class - to inhibit bots spaming some sites. I'm not really sure how to do it - I mean to write it sophisticated and 100% bot save. There will be no 100% I guess but it's worth a try.