My neighbours just had sex - uhh, ahhh, uuhhhh - well for about 4 minutes - not much longer - then they were done. So I'd call it a quickly. I was quite tempted to have a look but I thought that would be indecent and naughty, even though it sounded like a doggy-style ;) However, I'm no voyeur and it's a hot night and every cool cat wanna have a kitten - or so...

The only reason I've noticed them is, our balcony doors are next to each other and both are wide open. But for my excuse, I'm still fixing a database - or better said, I do a modification. for I use the world DB from MySQL plus an extra column for the CIA facts book country code. However, I'm still thinking about to extend it with postal codes and make it public to everyone. Maybe. Time-management is not one of my primary attributes so far.

Tomorrow we have "beer and sausage" at our company, which is quite cool - I mean the fact that we do such things on company time and money. Each first Friday on every new month one department is organizing this little event. Last time we had Becks, this time we'll have Berliner and sausages.

However (I love this word), I'm currently working on a new JavaScript lib, with a carousel, an interactive navigation and some tab switcher, a lightbox, some fx wrapper and other stuff, based on prototype and scriptaculous. That it nothing phenomenal, but I try to keep it slick as possible and of course flexible. ATM you still can apply any function to the callback functions »beforeStart« and »afterFinish«, via one method call. I'll post the code when I've got something like a milestone release, which seems to be end of July.