Yay, I was bored and coded a little plugin to retrieve the google results counter. Just put your query between [ googlecount]here[/googlecount] and that's it. This can be funny or usefull - i guess ;)

Here's an example:

I guess I'm quite famous because google finds [googlecount]biophonc[/googlecount] Results on »biophonc«. Today there are 1430 results. If the current result is higher than 1430 - I am more famous than the other day :D - otherwise I'm loosing fame :( - However 'm not linked by that much sites (18 results atm with this query »site: aint-no-soul.com«) but I'm looking forward and hopefully the current result is higher: [googlecount]site: aint-no-soul.com[/googlecount] (is it? I don't know it yet ;))

Technical note:

The plugin uses curl, so it is likely that you don't have it on your local apache installed - however: most provider have it enabled/configured with.


The current version is 0.3 and I'd call it stable.


Upload it to your plugin dir, activate it from the backend and it should work.