Windows live? A new playground of big brother?

It works live and it's designed to work together. Well, a big connected community, isn't it? And what a surprise most of it is for "free" but frankly - If there is one big company which stores my emails, establishes and manages my text/video/voice chats and frankly all my online communication - you should be suspicious.

Tick the privacy police button and boomshakka!:

  • When you register for certain Microsoft services, we will ask you to provide personal information.
  • The information we collect may be combined with information obtained from other Microsoft services and other companies.
  • We use cookies and other technologies to keep track of your interactions with our sites and services to offer a personalised experience.
Well ok, they say they don't give it too much away but Microsoft is a giant a fat cat and by providing all your information you will help to make that dystopian fictions come true. There are a lot of traits for a dystopian development. From »here« a 1984 scenery looks dark, as well as Fred aka Bob in a scanners darkly(the fading reality,... however. I have to watch it!) or BNW's caste system and drug abuse, but truly we're already fucked.

It's always the same; only because you don't understand it - it's not possible or true? Sometimes it's Microsoft, sometimes your own countries administration and sometimes just another company who deals with your personal freedom, rights and liberty. They want you to be happy - I mean busy and stupid. Yeah - being stupid is good. You can read and write - but that does not mean that you also can think. Confucius said:

»Learning without thinking is senseless,
Thinking without learning is dangerous!«

I our modern society you don't have to think, because computer, telly and companies were doing it for you. You watch all the bullshit over and over again and below the line it's nothing more than bullshit. They keep you informed about what they what you to be informed about. It doesn't matter which channel you are watching at - it seems that all news stations provide the same "keep them busy" idiocy.
We're currently heading to a totalitarian security system and most of you people don't mind. You have nothing to be afraid of huh? But let me quote one of my favourites:

»They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.« Benjamin Franklin.

Right: I was about to talk about windows live.

Think for yourself: How many people are using windows and the internet. How many of them are going to use this new product? At the latest when the new windows OS will spread (I swear it's build in and it's already enabled). Can you imagine how much information will be collected? Ah right! I almost forgot - all those companies are good guys.