I got up to late today and my ticket list is ways to long plus I need to finish some work for a client. However - the weather is fine today and I don't feel stressed or something like that. I bought the new Roots Manuva and really like it. I had a "club-mate" and a delicious Panini toast (yummy) and I am very looking forward to have an after work beer - in about 2 hours ;)

At my work we usually do Java/JSP stuff but a few weeks I did a small PHP Job here and today I made the statistic in mysql. Actually nothing special but a welcome change if you imagine stupid JSP Struts tasks day in and day out and boring style-stasi requests from project managers and so on. But I am hip to the spirit and love computer work - or at least the creative-innovative part of it - the rest I try to reject and forget. Actually it is always the same - some project manager come up with a kick ass idea and then during the production it gets reduced to something really boring and forgettable unimportant whatsoever.

My coffee is empty [...] ^^