A few days ago I got a private message via meinvz.net and a girl, possibly with japanese ancestory asked me a few thing that only a very few people could possibly know about and if we could meet soon. That sounded strange and even herself pointed out, that it might sounds "strange". A vague idea came up to my mind of what it might could be, but it made it less strange.

Flashback: In 2001 I met my real dad for the first and last time, by ambushing him in Poland, Brzeziny, without a warning. He was thunderstruck by seeing me but after an expensive redwine I brought along and a couple of beer he became talkactive and so we talked. One of my questions was, if I have some siblings but he negated it. I was not sure if he was talking the truth, but I was fine with that answer, whereas I wished he would have said the opposite. [...] after a couple of beer and a slight drunkenness we decided to stay over night and go to sleep. On the next mornign we got up early and decided to leave early aswell. He asked if we could stay a little longer, but we had rented a room in an international student hotel and had to leave.

Today I've met my youngest sister and her Mom! I do not only have one silbing, nope - two younger sisters. Okay - half-sisters but to me it means I have two sisters now and one brother. Yay and that's so cool! :) The uberstrange thing about it is - they always lived here - where I live for about 7 years now. Just around the corner. The one lives just 300 m around the block and the other will move there too in a short time.

The tragic part about this story is, our chichi(jap. f. Dad) has no friggin kudos.