I'm currently working on the medizin-online.de relounge and that's a lot of work. Really - believe me ;) Once again I fight my dislike for the IE and hate it how the IE6 displays certain elements but I love the Papyrus we've bought yesterday and hope the red pepper, sunflower, wild flower, herbs and snowflakes will grow nicely. To bad I have to do so much computer related work atm, that the wonderfull sun outside will shine without my physically presence. That's why I have good music (RA.092 Derek Plaslaiko) on my headphones (AKG K81DJ) and lots of sweets on my desk.

I also feel very comfortable in my new cargo pants (carhartt) and white addidas superstars (v2) ... ;)

However - it is Wendsday and I should continue to work on the site mentioned above. The sun IS still shining! ^^