A Project manager recently emailed me about a non working link but without to mention which link he was taking about, so I replied: «What kind of link, in what situation - how can I reproduce it?» - After a short while he sent me a screen shot and said it would happen when he clicks on a flash file. (Why does he bother me? He has sent me the flash file and someone else created it.)

Nevertheless I am a very kind IT guy and explained the issue to him - So I wrote him that a link to an external resource always consist out of: 1) a protocol name, 2) an instruction for the browser that it is an external resource :// and finally 3) the domain name and last but not least the TLD and optional paths or parameters.

You may call me a fault finder but that's something that happened not the first time. I guess this is a classic example of: stupid new media. People who are working in the new media should knew what a friggin link is - especially when they are Project Manager of a website!