It was time to get a new mobile phone so I've choosen the BlackBerry Bold 9000 for 89,- EUR and hope it will be delivered until tomorrow. I guess I will not use all the fancy features it claims to provide but it's good to know I could if I would like to. - Nah, I will use some of them for sure, like the GPS + Maps, email, 2MP Cam, IM stuff, Organizer, Browser and of course I'll use it primary as phone ;)

Also I've canceled the 16mbit / VOIP Alice Contract and ordered a VDSL 25 MBIT/ISDN line from t-kom and hope we'll get it until next month.

Also I've installed chrome, googles new browser but more importantly it seems to me that googles war against MS reaches another level. I wonder what MS will be in two years. MS loses constant market share in the browser business and I'll be surprised about the Moz Foundation and google corporation in the future. Firefox has meanwhile a good share with ~20% and as someone mentioned some weeks ago, every laptop above 1000 USD is a Mac. Yarr, and there is no IE since 5.5 for the Mac and every development ist discontinued. Thus I assume that the IE will no more be the browser to develop for (primary) in future, because it will be just one amongst of many. And! If the antitrust law finaly forbid the bundling of Browser/OS - then a long fought war is eventually won!


Updates may also appear in the real world and yesterday I've (managed to) updated my competent revenue authorities with the "est", "gse" and "n" Papers, without any assistance ... sigh :p