That means: I am feeling fine, besides the feeling, being drugged with fatigue. It was a hard and long week and I am really happy to have the spare time to relax now. Sebastian, from Areal Records, for whom I and Jaana make his website, came for a visit today and gave me some of their releases, in exchange to Marcel's and my Demo-CD. And I have to admit - I am really surprised about Ada's sound. I really like it. It has a good mood, spreads a warm and gentle feeling and make me feel comfortable. I mean the Blondix 2 release, with Erlend Øye.

Marcel finally have his first release on iconise with a remix of Tala's »Mandragora« and if everything works out fine, he'll release his second tune on iconise aswell and if I can manage my spare time better, I'll do a remix. However, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I've already started »something«, but it sounds to overloaded and ordinary.

But it is Friday and some people might suggest to do party, get wasted and at least stay not at home but I really enjoy the peace of being alone today. There's no need for me today to go excited. I am at peace with my own state of mind and looking forward to see my girl tomorrow, meet her sister for the first time and Nina again (she is a very kind person and before she goes back to São Paulo), wake up not to late and maybe find some interesting ad for a new flat for Steffi and me.

I should go to sleep soon - but I guess I'll have one more beer and then..... ;)