All you youngsters will probably don't know it when you're not into Krautrock, or not a sound-digger. I'm a digger and love the early «can» recordings with Damo Suzuki. Such free, potential and energetic music is so rare and I have to thank my friend Ozzi to give me this wonderful piece of wax.

Some days ago I worked on a new tune and showed it to some friends for review and they all asked me, if it's me who is singing but I was just sampling only some part of the «yoo doo right» can masterpiece. Today I've find out the singer is also Japanese and maybe that's the reason for it. I don't know.

I know it's bullshit to talk about music, when you can't listen to it, so here are some snippets to check it out:

Yoo doo right
I'm so green