As some of you may know, I have a new four cornered room now and live 1,3 km beeline from my old hood away. The room is much smaller and everything is smaller now but I like it. I have an Asian takeaway downstairs and a regular takeaway 2 min away; so I'm really fine with it. The Graffiti dealer is just 10 minutes by walk and also the organic grown whatsoever store, where I use to buy my 4-Flakes Muesli for breakfast.

Anyways, I have to paint my old room and check out the finances, because my old Flatmates are not willing to pay back my guarantee deposit until the cashing up has been delivered. I'm so sick of this shit - because it's bullshit - so I have to call my lawyer again:p

So - don't let anyone fuck with you and don't let your guard down - the word is full of suckers - waiting to suck you out. With other words: The world is a vampire. And I'm so tired of arguing for nothingness. Just raise your fists and beat them up mercilessly, so that they don't forget about it. I mean, you know what I mean - not really physically, but with all necessary means.

Forget about all what they have been told you: we're living in a, to say it with Nietzsche's words: "world of genealogy (or) the genealogy of morale", which means to turn it upside down. I my case they say I'm guilty for something, but that's bullshit. I am not the negative - I am the positive and therefore in physics': negative goes to positive. They will do as I say; because I am right. Maybe it sounds confusing or stupid, but it's all about the believing ;)