today I got my new shirts from threadless yay:

but for somehow - I'm tired as fuck and could sleep as long like I were already dead - until infinite. I wonder why. Maybe it has something to do with the Antibiotics - but Jeez(!) We're going later to the areal label night at the Watergate. Luckily(!) we're all on the list, so we don't have to wait ;) ATM, I don't feel like party that much - actually not at all - but a couple of Beer will may change my mind.

Ah yeah and I've bought a new bike, but not as shown on the site in violet. It's dark Grey. Oh and before I forget it, I've gave Marcels and my demo tunes to Sebastian and I am really curious what he will say. At least he likes his new website and that make me feel happy as well.

However - Last but not least - never forget; that music is egoism.
egoizm tape