Every once in a while I write something really personal - and today is such day. As I've posted earlier on my flicker account, my step dead died a lonesome death. A few weeks have passed and all I can say is that time moves pretty fast. Your Mom gives birth and it's you - your parents raise you and especially when you're young - time moves so slow - you can't become old enougth to early. However - the older one become, the faster lifes moves. Not forgetting: the faster it goes on - the less we do remember certain things. Less we wonder and slowly we loose the ability to be surprised.

This post is personal - as I've already mentioned - and I guess I am in the position to say that I've matured without becoming old. And for my step dad - I'd arrogate to oneself that i knew him that much, that he was a good person suffered a great burden he was unable to fight. Over a few years he has supported me financially and personal - because as he stated - he was able to at that time. I know he had a good reputation and people liked him for his honesty and the ability to say whats important. The sadly part about it - he wasn't able to do all the good things to himself - which he adviced to others. It's always easy to give good advice ...

And the good thing is - he'll be in my heart - forever. No matter how fucked up the situations sometimes was with him ... he tought me a few essential things I continue to teach aswell to others:

  • have a real opinion
  • believe in yourself
  • it doesn't matter what other people say - as long as you don't betray yourself
In two weeks will be the ceremony and I guess it's my first funeral after all ... and the family will come together - after long period of being not together.

May he rest in peace and whatever he has wished for shall come true in eternity.

PS: A few links I've just discovered about him (in german):