Since the world of a bits and bytes consumes a lot of time, I've bought some new books, to clear my mind from code and graphics. The first one I'd like to introduce is by G. Edward Griffin and entitled "The Creature From Jekyll Island" - and it is the story about the federal reserve bank/system, the world bank group and also the International Monetary Fund (IMF aka in Germany IWF). It "tells" you where the money comes from, which ways it goes and where it possibly ends. I'm on page 160 and it's a thrilling one.

The other one is by John N. Demos, getting started with neurofeedback. Since I am interested in this topic for more than 10 years I am really lucky that I've found that one. I've scanned it only just - but it seems to be a good book, because it seems to be well written, in an easy language without being flat nor to trivial. I guess this book addresses not the average folk - but if you are interested into brain waves, its meaning and how to "change" em - this book could be an option for you ;)

It's late - gotta sleep now :)