phew - and another weekend marathon has been completed. Started on friday with an party in Kreuzberg and I guess we were really hammerd', my mates however decided to call it at 4am a day and I decided to stay a little longer. However - it was a rainy day and I had at least 10 kilo of stress at work and I guess I came back about 6am. It was nice and needed to be topped. As I mentioed some posts ago, we wanted to go to the "wir sind quark" party and ................... phew - what a night! I've met some poeple I haven't seen in a while and some people who met me again but I can not remember them anyways and people I had not expected ;)

Next weekend is already arranged and I'm going to see some people again I've met two weekends ago and I'd call it a reunification. I'm not really in the mood to go to the watergate or berghain again, because I've been there lately to often. It's good to change the location every little while ;)

I'm still waiting for summer because then it will be time again for "beach bars", bbq, frisbee, parks, open air festivals and t-shirt contests. However - for now we're stuck to clubs and low temperatures, but,... long and never ending dark nights which still have their charm ;)