Yes and it's unbelievable what kind of »unmusic« exists. Today a charity organisation around the corner gave records away and I took some of them. The one had only a funny cover(Bier her! trans.: gimme beer!) and the rest I thought could be nice to sample but I was wrong, only 2 tracks turned out to be nice to sample. Most of it is italio disco shit. barf

A guy from Scottland told me via msn a few days ago about loki and watched his »littlest hobo« video and I like it for somehow and checked out his label site.
I've found the whole album for download. YAY. Scottish Hiphop. It's useless to mention that I have wgetted them all and really like the »Del Presents - Super Dynamite Soul« but I was seeking for Loki's album and also like it - even though it's sometimes hard to understand the scottish accent. Well last winter I have visited a friend in stirling and also moved to glasgow and when I went to the shakewell graffiti store I figured out how hard scottish accent can be and felt a little bit handycapped, because sometimes I couldn't nearly understand a single word.

However - It is really time to finish the demo with puRe and I know it is my turn but lately I have a bad time management. It's because of I spent to much time on weekends with parties. At least I enjoy the music and meet a lot of people who likes to freak out and yes, that's the other side of the coin, waste a lot of quids/bucks/euros.

Edit: check this out