Some time has passed since my last post and I really wish I had more time. Atm I do a job for two but get cash for only one. There are some projects I am working on and I know I should try to focus much more - otherwise I'll be lost in chaos. At least I have added some spam protection to my blog, fixed a few bugs on, managed it to organize my real life a little bit and went out every weekend for party, did some new tunes, wrote some cost estimates, cleaned up my hard disks a bit, moved to a new server, stopped eating at Mc Donalds, reread the old testament (Mose again), have some battles running on hhb, worked on a paper I like to publish one time, updated my »about« page and so on and so forth.

I guess I should travel next month a little bit - maybe to the south - a trip to spain or france. I don't know jet, but at least I need to leave Berlin for a few days. For summer I've planed to go to Israel and El Al seems to be a good airline. I don't know of what people are so afraid of Israel. The chance you get bombed is not that high. It is eventually bad luck but living in fear is stupid and a waste of your life - I do not fear such things. Hehe and Israel is cheap and they have amazingly 4 climate zones.

However, It is time for lunch! I am starving!