Strolling through the streets, leaving my wonderful tags on the walls; one after the another and they seems to belong there. Smiling at you, telling you the truth and whispering my love into your eyes. I'd love to tell you my name, but it would be unwise - or better said stupid, because there are some people chasing after me. The do not understand and frankly, they are not able to understand the grace of paint on a wall.
The sun has already arisen and there's noting to hide - because most of the people understand - when they see me in ecstatic peace putting my name on the walls. There's so much poetry, so much love I'd like to spread but there are always some people who dislike my art. I can still smell the paint - but it will be faded tomorrow and only when I'm out for a walk in my neighbourhood, I'll be able to recover a little bit that feeling. You may call it a bad habit - but I'd suggest a habit which colourize the dreaded theme of everyday life.
Sure there are some rookies confronting you like most of the advertising, but universalizing is also a bad habit and you should keep your accusation and prejudice for yourself. Love reign over me and that's the best excuse ever. Speaking my mind - freeing my soul and honestly obtrude you my existence.