ââ?¬Â¦ most of the time. I mean; sometimes there are some disturbances and you feel uncomfortable, but that does not mean you feel fracked up all the time. Sometimes; however; I feel like »I am alive and want to show it to the world«, and that's probably the time when I get my cans and do some action. Most of my people don't understand if and that's ok ââ?¬â?? because I do it for myself ââ?¬â?? like today. I did dozens of throwup's and street pieces and I'm very fine with it. »I have to prove my existence«
Sometimes there are some passengers but I give a fuck ââ?¬â?? I mean, they interrupt and I continue. It's like something has to be done ââ?¬â?? something is on queue. At such moments I say to myself: »Fuck em, I'll bring my name up and if you're going to disturb my action, I'll hurt you seriously ââ?¬â?? don't let your guard down: this is a mission!«

Maybe this sounds crazy, but I like it and I'm very proud of what I am doing!

After my action I talked to a bum and try to told em: »do something with your life! Get serious and compete your mission to be alive ââ?¬â?? proud and with dignity. If you let it be as it is; you'll be fracked. So get up and be what you already are« - but frankly: it was useless; because he didn't believe me. The only thing he believed in, was the heroin.

Better me in the streets, than such fellows.