Sunday melancholy

When I was much younger than 21 (note: I'm always 21), we went out and had fun. We had no money, no nothing but fun and time to do what we liked to do. We've met a lot of cool people, drank cheap booze and talked bout whatever was on our minds. All we wanted to be was: to be free and that was über-cool.

Do you remember your first sex? OMG! Her name was Monika and I really was in love with her, but also with the world. I became a full man. And I still can remember each small piece of that sunny Sunday. Touching each other and becoming one, by fusing our bodies and souls. That was so awesome boys and girls!

Anyhow. I also can remember my first joint with Dennis, a friend from back in the days(What have happen to you bro?). We had a break for five minutes between german- and history class and I stole my cousin some piece and I asked him/Dennis to join me smoking that shit. It was 91 or two and we were still young. So we smoked that pot and damn we had history class and the teacher showed us a movie of a concentration camp and we nearly died by laughing! OMG; you can't imagine the teachers face! It was the best laughing flash I guess I ever had. Haha, we couldn't stop it and so the teacher got really upset :P

Another cool thing is: the first time at the club to be and you're still too young for it, but they let you it. I was 13 and it was the Grünspan at the Reeperbahn with my dear friend Olaf. Haha, we've met on a trip to Weymouth/England in 92 and we did a ass kicking piece somewhere over there and at the same age I did my first panel (graffiti on a train below the windows) and I also was drunk for the first time together with him and the Hannover fellows (and I fell in love with Julia, like Olaf and also her brother with her).

There are a lot of cool things from the good old times to tell. - But: time won't stop and so we're still hunting for that feeling, with the little difference: we're getting older and all those responsibilities and sigh

We will make it. I'll make it. Finding something that has to be found (Honkowa-san! ii desu ne?!). But it's Sunday and it's late - so stay tuned for another stupid Sunday story.