I just came back from London and got to work in a few hours, but I have some good resolutions for this brand new year. I'm really pissed of some things and I'll try to change them for the future. Sometimes it's hard to realise ââ?¬Ë?good' resolutions but I believe I can do it. Well, at least for some of them. I don't want to stop smoking but I'd like to change some behaviour patterns and settle old scores.

However, I stayed at Juliane's place and I guess I was a little bit hard on her nerves but I still liked it. I mean to stay with her;) We have a strange relationship and always had. I wish you'll find what you are seeking for. Hehe, and I've also met instinct for a couple of pints. I hope he got not into trouble because of me ââ?¬â?? I mean the beers we had ââ?¬â?? because it was still his lunch time :)