I guess it was a Thursday when we've planed to go to Rügen spontaneously, which is in the north east of Germany at the Baltic sea. I've never been there until this weekend. It's a nice place and I was impressed about the size. I really thought it was smaller than it actually is, so I gotta go there again. However, the weather forecast said it would be a partly cloudy - but nope - it was mostly clouded and only during the late evening we were able to glimpse some stars and Sputniks ;) Today it was still fine and we were at the harbour of Sassnitz and at the chalk cliffs, of which Caspar David Friedrich painted a picture.

chalky sea

Too bad my PDA Cam ain't that good, but on the picture above you can see the chalk making the water looks turquoise, which is really impressive. I also liked the Beech woods, because when the light comes through the treetops, it looks magic. With other words, the nature is really nice and that's something I miss in Berlin. A Place to regain peace or consciousness or whatever you call it :)