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I've installed today a new svn, trac and a websvn at work on a ubuntu machine with plesk on it. Actually it's really easy but there seems to be no instant-setup guide, so I had to google quite extensive. Well I haven't configuered it fully yet, but the svn seems finally online

Three weeks of hard work are over and we're done. is online since 9am today and the feedback seems overall to be positive though of what I've heard and read:

beware of font's you don't have installed

Everybody is talking about CSS fontstacks and there are plenty of good lists/combinations out there but do not use them carelessly - like the prototype.js guys did (@see screenshot). DO NOT use «Helvetica Neue» for your bodycopy or fontsizes smaller than 18px! It is a narrow/condensed font

work around for zend validate's markAsError respectively addError

Yesterday I ran into a problem with zend form and zend validate which was quite confusing. I wanted to check if a multiCheckbox has less or equal 2 selections. I really thought there would be some "shipped" validator but there isn't. Then I've tried to write my own validator for

something else

Since the world of a bits and bytes consumes a lot of time, I've bought some new books, to clear my mind from code and graphics. The first one I'd like to introduce is by G. Edward Griffin and entitled "The Creature From Jekyll Island" - and it is the

Saturday things

I'm currently trying to get some multi step/wirzard forms in Zend done and it seems to work as far as I can tell. I've used this little class as inspiration and it works so far.

I really like multi step forms as user but as developer I hate em.

family affairs declassified

A few days ago I got a private message via and a girl, possibly with japanese ancestory asked me a few thing that only a very few people could possibly know about and if we could meet soon. That sounded strange and even herself pointed out, that it

new usb stick

I needed a little backup devide and bought this one:
I've got the 32gig model for 60 Euro - which is quite ok. The speed is ok - not that super fast but storrage space is more important for me than speed (atm).


Some friggin idiot stole it. If

flickr.groups.pools.getPhotos and php_serial

If you try to get a serialized array (phpserial) from the flicker api from a group (flickr.groups.pools.getPhotos), you may find your self a little bit lost, because you do not get the photos you want, only the amount of how many. You double check if everything

simple method to add a safari css

There are some selector hacks out there, but I don't like them - ie: (@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {}). My personal favourite is done with Prototype because I use it a lot and it is pretty simple:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="none" href="/css/safari.css"


ok, i'll give it a try! ;)

new theme

it was time for a change - so I've made a new theme for my blog. Nothing special but it looks quite ok (haven't tested it in IE, I don't care bout it - but in safari, firefox, chrome and opera it looks good). At least YSlow say it has

new protosafe released

just in time. One of our clients requested it (minified + packed) last week and today I found an updated version and it seems t work fine:

how to cut a string with regex (the neat way)

It is fairy a common task to cut a string - ie when a teaser text should not be longer than n characters. A lot of people use substring() or substr(), depending on their favourite language. However with regex it is really easy and you do not need to cut